This week theme is “Winter”. We introduced the theme with pretend snowballs, snowflakes and pictures of children playing in the snow with print.


Children are making their “Holiday” gifts for parents and cards all week. It’s a surprise!


snow flake w/ pom-poms for counting by placing on the spots on the snowflakes, Math mitten matching- children had to find 2 mittens that were the same color and place them together on the table, snowman color button matching- the children practiced their colors by matching the colored buttons to the buttons on the snowman grid board and Friday, the children will practice counting with mini marshmallows and cups dropping in one at a time.

Motor Development

Penguin lacing cards with pipe cleaners to practice lacing with sturdy grip, play dough with jumbo colored buttons to press down onto play dough to make shape impressions, winter theme line tracing boards with various lines to practice tracing and challenge with markers, Letter S w/ dots stickers to practice peeling stickers and placing them on the Letter line- follow the S shape, Mini marshmallows w/ tongs and winter pails to practice squeezing/ open and close motions.

Sensory Table

Winter animals, cotton balls and gems

Activities Friday

Paper plate skating

Snow ball throwing w/ jumbo pom-poms wearing mittens


Snowman’s Big Job, Snowie Rolie, Frosty’s New Friends, Winter, Snow Dance, The Snowy Day and Snowball.


“Up on The House Top”, Frosty The Snow Man, Jingle Bells, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, 

I introduced a Spanish Holiday song called” El Burrito De Belen” the children love it and want to hear it all the time. It’s a catchy song and sung by young children- Los Ninos cantores.

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