Thursday Polar Express in AM

Music class Friday

We introduced the theme with “My Hanukkah Book” . We talked about the Menorah , special dinner with potato latkes and applesauce, the story of Hanukkah and the miracle of the oil, and presents that are given{chocolate money-gelt} and playing Dreidels.


Dreidels-koosh ring painting on Dreidel shape, Friday we will make a Menorah with hand prints, Hanukkah candle- glue tissue paper all around tube and glue flame. We also finished making Holiday gifts for parents.


The children matched blue, white and silver pom-poms and compared various sizes by grouping them together with teacher help,  The children explored with shoe horse magnets/wands and rings to make them connect one by one or by two’s, candle counting with craft sticks and yellow boxes and Friday we will practice counting with gold coins and pockets.

Motor Development

The children explored with blue play- dough/candles and roller tools, we practiced sinning Dreidels{jumbo and small to work fingers and manipulate , we had trays with blue rice  and pencils to make lines and practice finger grasp, and Friday, the children will explore and problem-solve how to drop corks and take them out of jumbo plastic bottles.


We have a real Menorah that we talked about to get ready for next week

Fizzing Candy Canes

Pine the candles on the Menorah-turn taking

Listening Time- Read/review listening steps

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