This week was dental health week and we learned all about brushing our teeth! In language this week, we read various books about teeth, played with letter builders, colored on paper with crayons, used bingo daubers to stamp on teeth, and played with magnet letters. In math this week, we did shape puzzles, laced a tooth using a tooth-shaped lacing board, and counted teeth by placing stickers on them. In motor development this week, we built with magnets, used popsicle sticks with play-doh, played with waffle blocks and laced beads on string. In art this week, we decorated toothbrush cutouts, painted with toothbrushes, and glued cotton balls on a paper plate. Tomorrow we will write on laminated teeth cutouts for language development, play with math tiles for math development, stack block and walk on the balance beam for motor development, and paint with floss in art. We will also read books and listen to songs about teeth. 

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