Father’s Day

We have been practicing a special father’s day song for almost a month. I will upload it to goggle drive for everyone to view on Friday. 6/16.

No art, we made Father’s day gifts and cards all week


The children continue to practice using tongs to pick up objects, we used lemon/lime plastic wedges and small buckets to place them in, we practiced counting one-to-one by placing colored chips on the black ties with dots, practiced matching and finding same objects and group them together by placing in egg cartons and tomorrow we will match colored pins to number uno cards

Motor Development

The children used and practiced with small colored scoops to pick up small fruit counters, pegs with peg boards to stack, fill and snap together, colanders with Q-tips to poke in holes and make them stick out and pull through using their fingers, 1-2 piece puzzles with knobs and without and Friday, the children will practice snapping buttons/snaps on boards.

Sensory Table

Rice, colored small people counters, tubes and small shovels


Parachute with small balls outside

Let’s Go swimming song with movements

Lemon Volcano experiment -Friday


Sunblock- why and when we wear it

1. Protect skin

2.Prevents sunburn

3.Wear it when you go outside, especially when sunny

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