It was all about school days this week as we transitioned into a new room with new friends, new teachers and even new toys! We read several books about school, who goes to school and why we go to school. We read about boys and girls and how we can all have big feelings when we are doing something new and different. Our feelings don’t have to match our friends either. We talked out how we can go to a teacher for help or just a hug. Our art projects have been fun with things like coloring with chalk, gluing (our rule is “just a dot, not a lot!”) and drawing ourselves what we look like at the beginning of our school year. We looked at our name cards, found our own and even named some of the letters in our names that we know. We worked on adding people to school buses for math and counted chain links as we added them to a paper pencil. Our science was all about how to engineer a tower of pencils. Many of the children tried this out and found out that you need to make two pencils go one way and then another set of two go the other way, making a tic tac toe pattern all the way up the stack. We had fun outside as we explored the dirt for bugs and watched the construction over the bushes as they put some finishing touches on the bank on the corner. We are anxious to learn more and more about each child as we head in to next week, “All About Me!” 

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