Community Helpers/Safety

We introduced the theme with books, community helper picture cards and  guess the vehicle sounds on the IPAD[police car, ambulance, fire truck, EMS].We named the following community helpers; Fireman, police officer, mail man/lady, teacher, baker, construction worker, Doctor, dentist and nurse}.


Monday-Police car- painted plate blue and added wheels and red light

Tuesday- Picture Day- No art in am will make on Friday

Wednesday-Baker- decorated a paper donut with  real frosting and confetti for sprinkles

Thursday- Doctor bag- we glued gauze, cleaning pads and band-aids on black bag

Friday- Dentist- paint with tooth brushes and toothpaste on tooth shape


Bear matching with colored band aids, we practiced colors by placing band aids onto same color bear, the children practiced counting the dots on the fire trucks/fireman cards, we practiced staking donut rings on pegs by size, smallest to biggest, then biggest to smallest to work on cognitive and problem-solving skills, cork drop to count one-to one while dropping corks into juice containers and Friday we will continue to practice counting using teeth/mouth pieces one by one.

Motor Development

We practiced eye-hand coordination by using small cars to follow the road on the table to stay on track, practiced balance by stacking fire cups as high as we can without falling , we used small spatula’s , cookie sheets and small counter cookie pieces to “flip the cookies” using one hand for balance, we worked with foam blocks and thermometer sticks to push down into the blocks to make stand up for finger/hand grip and build strength and Friday, we will practice brushing teeth using teeth/mouth molds in various directions.

Sensory Table

construction small trucks, rocks and beans


Stop, drop and roll- Friday

Movement Cube

Pop rocks science experiment

Colors of my plate- review colors and meaning

Exercise Dice

We started practicing Halloween songs: Who took the candy from the trick or treat bag?,  5 Little Pumpkins, 5 Little pumpkins sitting on the gate, the ghost says Boo!

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