We love community helpers…we sure do! This week the children learned about community helpers along with fire safety. The children learned that any job can help the community in their own way. This week the children worked on their letter recognition via different activities at the language table, played some community helper BINGO and wrote some community helper words. At the math table, the children worked on different number recognition activities. At science, the children become police officers and worked on taking their finger prints. We had the children use a pencil to scribble on a piece of paper dark enough to where they could place their finger on it and then make a print. We learned about fire safety this week and worked on Stop, Drop and Roll. The children also learned about when to call 9-1-1. We worked on different scenarios such as if big brother or sister took your toy, should you call…they answered ‘no.’ But if mommy or daddy got hurt, would you call 9-1-1 and they all answered, ‘yes.’ Stepping back, we also worked on our letter of the week which was the letter Dd. We read the book, listened to the song and came up with Dd words. We also want to thank the parents who took the time out of their day to come speak to class to let us know what you do day to day. It has been fun for us to learn a little bit more of what you all do and that we appreciate each and everyone of you for what you do for our community. We hope that you all have a fabulous weekend…heard its supposed to get a little chilly so stay warm and dry! 

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