Hello! Bonjour! Jambo! Konichiwa! This week, we learned all about different cultures from around the world. On Monday, we read the book “All Are Welcome”, made water bottle tornadoes, looked to famous buildings while we built with blocks, and worked together to paint the Earth. On Tuesday, we drew maps, stacked rocks, danced to music from around the world, and painted some Japanese cherry blossom trees. On Wednesday, we drew on black posterboard with chalk, matched flags, threaded beads, and made a pizza by gluing shapes on a pizza slice. Sebastian also brought in some Bosnian pita for the kids to try at snack time. They loved it! On Thursday,  we used bingo dabbers on pictures of the Earth, sorted colors, built with legos, and put on a parade in the great room. On Friday, we will play red light, green light, smelled different spices, and walked from continent to continent. We also have music with Miss Mel before dismissing at noon. I hope everyone has a great weekend and is looking forward to a very spooky week next week. Remember to bring your child’s costume to school on Tuesday for trick-or-treating.

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