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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

America the Beautiful - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on June 30, 2022 at 5:45 PM

This week was all about our wonderful country! We "traveled" all over America with the help of the iPad. We heard lots of stories and learned about lots of different states. We did a lot of research on the attractions in Washington DC and our flag. We learned that there are 13 stripes for the original 13 states and 50 stars for the 50 states. We learned that Betsy Ross made the first flag. For some of our activities, we made some red and blue pendants for the window and will be making a red, white and blue creation on Friday. Our math has been all about numbers. We rolled a die and compared it to our peer's to see who had a higher number. We also built with Legos and added some when we rolled a die. Our language was all about writing! We wrote words like: America, 4th of July, birthday and holiday. We are getting so good at writing with purpose and precision. Our field trips were at the Botanical Gardens and Prestons Hope. We had a blast on mud day and stayed pretty clean! We shared our plans for the holiday and what we plan on eating to celebrate America's birthday! Here's wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!

Summer Time Vibes - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on June 23, 2022 at 4:15 PM

Summer time vibes!! This week was all about summer. We watched a fun video talking about summer and we learned that the first day of summer which was the 21st is called the summer solstice. We also learned that the days are longer in the summer as well! This week we did a fun experiment since it has been hot out where we put a car, rubber ducks, jolly rancher and gummi bears out on the plate to see what will melt first. So far, it is the jolly rancher and gummi bears. This week the children worked on letter recognition and letter sounds at language. We took a beach ball and put letters on it and tossed it to each other. The letter that their one hand landed on, they had to recognize the letter and then come up with a word that starts with that letter. We also worked on number recognition this week by recognizing the number on the ice cream cone and added that many pom poms to it to make the ice cream scoops. There's nothing better than ice cream in the summer time! With that being said, the friends have been making ice cream in the sensory bin using plastic spoons, pom poms, small containers and shaving cream! Some of our friends went to safety town and taught those who did not go what they learned for the day. We also had a swim day and went on two awesome field trips this week. We went to Rocky River Beach Park and Linden Park. We had a blast this week learning about summer and playing with our peers. We hope that everyone has an awesome weekend and we will continue the pre-k fun next week!

~Chasity and Tara~

It's All About You, Dad - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on June 19, 2022 at 1:05 PM

This week we prepared for Father's Day! We kept busy making a special gift to show our dad's how much we love them! We also painted rocks that said, "You Rock Dad!" and did some paint resist! We kept busy everyday with an activity too! Monday we had water play day, Tuesday and Thursday were field trip days and Wednesday and Friday were Coach Charlotte days! For some math activities, we put "sprinkles" on a doughnut and played with dominoes. We practiced our writing skills at the language table by writing out words like "dad", "grandpa", "uncle" and "Happy Father's Day". We had some packing peanuts and marbles in the sensory bin all week. That was something different and fun and many spent a lot of time there being creative. When we were here, we spent time outside on the playground and even spent some time watching the landscapers cutting some of the bushes. Such excitement for some of us! Next week will be fun with new parks to go to and we will taking the parachute out to play for something new and exciting! Here's wishing all of the dad's a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY from all of us!

Kicked Off Summer - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on June 9, 2022 at 1:55 PM

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer! We have officially kicked off our summer camp this week and boy has it been a busy week for us! Monday was a chill day, we began our lesson on Under the Sea. We started another KWL chart about the topic and have watched videos of under the sea and learning about the different creatures that can live there. The children practiced their letter and number recognition, measuring skills and worked on their building skills. We used our sense of touch this week in the sensory bin where we had some starfish (plastic of course), a little bit of water and some kinetic sand. Some of our friends realized that a couple of the starfish turned into rubber....maybe a reaction to the water and kinetic sand...possibly? Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were fun filled days with field trips! That's right....the rain won't stop us from having a good time. We went to Tri-City Park on Tuesday, went to Nosotros and climbed some rock walls on Wednesday (the children did an amazing job!) and ended our field trip fun with Play in Bay Park on Thursday. Let's just say that this week has been a fun and exhausting week...but well worth it! We can't wait to continue the field trip fun next week. We hope you all have a wonderful and fun weekend.

~Chasity and Tara~

What's Your Superpower? - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on June 2, 2022 at 2:20 PM

It was all about being super, being kind and helping someone out this week! We did read quite a few books on some Superheroes, but we came to the conclusion that they are helpers and we want to be helpers too! Capes or no capes, we can be a kind friend when someone needs us the most. It may be just to sit with them when they are sad or asked to be invited to play ball. We decided we are going to be more aware of our actions and share, play kindly and offer help when we see someone has a lot to do! At the art table, we decorated some REALLY cool capes! We brought in some old t-shirts, Miss Tara did a little cutting and the capes got lots of color from each of the boys and girls. Each one is unique! At the language table, we practiced some writing with some words we saw in the books we read: POW, ZAP, ZIP, ZOOM, WHAM, etc. We learned how when we see 'big' words like that, we say them louder for effect. We also wrote a short story about if we had superpowers and what we would use them for. Our math was a path game and some other activities of sorting action figures and counting out gems to match a number. We tried out an experiment to get the superhero to fly for some science! Outside, we continued to monitor our three flowers we planted. We may just have a little something sprouting up! We are looking forward to starting our field trips next week!

Come One, Come All! - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on May 26, 2022 at 4:10 PM

Come one! Come all! This week we learned all about the Circus! Our pre-k friends along with Miss Michelle's class worked hard this week preparing for our very own Circus! Our friends spent some time watching circus videos and we created a KWL chart. We discussed what we knew about the circus, what we want to know about the circus and we will wrap the week up by discussing what we learned about the circus. The children worked on letter recognition activities as well as writing circus words with shaving cream! The children also worked on sorting at math and number recognition activities. The children made hand print elephants, painted with balloons and worked with their playdoh at the art table. We appreciate all the hard work that the children put in for the Circus and we hope they enjoyed this week as much as we did! Have a wonderful and safe weekend! We will see you next week.

-Chasity and Tara-

A Camping We Will Go! - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on May 19, 2022 at 2:20 PM

This week was all about camping and we had SOOO much fun! We set up a tent in the drama area complete with a "fire", "sticks" and marshmallows! We also had food, a lantern and some "bugs" to go with the theme! We listened to night time camp noises often and did a lot of pretend play! At the other areas, we painted with marshmallows and made a camping collage with lots of camping stickers. For our language activities, we put together some camp rhyming words and wrote a short story about what we would take if we went camping. For math, we put together a paper s'more and went "fishing"! Our science has been engineering with toothpicks and small marshmallows. We made "tents" and also tried to see how tall we could make a structure without it falling over. We got in a lot of outside time too but our biggest success this week was all the circus practice we got done each morning! We are almost ready for the BIG SHOW!

What To Do in the Garden - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on May 12, 2022 at 4:40 PM

It was all about plants, dirt, water and seeds this week! We started off with discussing what we need to get started in a garden. We read lots of books and researched how to have a healthy garden. We planted our own flower seeds after a vote of which to choose from. We also started our own sunflowers seeds in the room while we experiment what kind of water is best for them. We have sugar water, salt water, tap water and bottled water. Most of the children think the sunflowers will grow best with sugar water because they love sugar! We will see if their thinking is true! We drew pictures of our own gardens or gardens we would like to have. One day, the vase of flowers was out in the middle of the table and we got to draw what we saw. There are some true artists in this room! For math we worked with seeds and sorted and counted. We also put paper trowels in order from 1-20. Our language was all about labeling parts of a plant and writing some gardening words for writing practice. Outside on the patio we watched the flowers fall from the trees and tried to catch some before they got to the ground. We have been chalking a lot and using the stilt walkers to work on some balance skills.

MOM - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on May 5, 2022 at 5:40 PM

This week has been all about our mom's and grandma's too! We made some REALLY special gifts along with some other things during the week. Please know that each activity, color, line, word, etc was chosen with care and time! These boys and girls LOVE their mom's and it shows! We made some handprint poems, colored pictures of us with our mom and answered some very important questions about that special lady as well! Whew...what a busy week! We also played in the sensory table with pompoms and scoopers. We sorted colors and used our imaginations as we pretended the colored fluffs were ice cream scoops or even bites of food! At the language table, we tried our hand at some writing as we wrote some words about our moms and also chalked on our own chalkboards. For some math activities, we placed geo shapes into designs and used the measuring tape around the room (one of our favorite math activities!). Our science area has been all about magnets and we used the magnetic wand to find out what else it would stick to in the room. Some new sight words were added around the room: lip, sip, dip, tip, rip. Outside, we chalked and admired the beautiful trees on the patio!

Trains, Planes and Automobiles - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on April 28, 2022 at 4:10 PM

Honk honk....beep beep!

This week was all about transportation and the children seemed to really enjoy it. This week we worked on letter recognition and writing different transportation words such as car, boat, bus, etc. We also came up with a list of different modes of transportation and the children did not disappoint! At the science table, we had some foil boats with water and some rocks to see if we could get the boats to sink or float depending on how many rocks we put in. The children worked on number and shape recognition at the math table as well. Pre-k was creative this week making hot air balloons out of paper plates, painting with cars, and making airplanes out of craft sticks. We had many friends bring in some books on transportation which we read and we even watched race cars at the Indy 500 this week! Another fun and exciting event we had this week was letting our butterflies go...they grow up so fast! We hope that the children had fun this week and hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

~Chasity and Tara~