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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

Rhyming with Dr. Seuss - Pre-K 9-3

Posted by [email protected] on March 3, 2022 at 4:55 PM

I can't believe March is already here! February flew by very fast! We had a fun week learning about Dr. Seuss and we read books by Dr. Seuss. One of the children said that they heard rhyming words when I read the books that Dr. Seuss wrote. We learned that Dr. Seuss is famous for having books that have rhyming words. We made a "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" book cover, Cat in the Hat, and Lorax in art. The children practiced writing their name, title covers, words, and letters. We did some cutting and gluing as well. The children had lots of fun putting the Lorax and Green Eggs and Ham puzzles together. They even had a race to see who can put the puzzle together the fastest! We played a lot of math and literacy games. We worked on coming up a list of words that start with Vv and we came up with a lot of words!

We also talked a lot this week about how we talk to adults and peers with respect and kindness, Some of our friends were struggling with this so I felt that we needed a refresher. We also talked about our upcoming field trip and what we do when we are on a field trip. We are very excited to go on the bus to go to the Playhouse Square to see, "What to do with an idea".

Have a great week!

-Ms. Michelle

Favorite Books & Authors - Pre-K 9-3

Posted by [email protected] on February 24, 2022 at 2:10 PM

This week we celebrated and learned about some of our favorite authors!  We practiced writing the author's names and dictated about our favorite books!  Our favorite stories were from the Berenstein Bears!  After reading the books, we did a recall to try and remember what the story was all about.

In math, we lined up numbers in order 1 - 20 using a number line.  We also came up with a great list of "u" words - look on our white board to see the ones we learned!

We had a few days of warm weather so we took advantage and played outside before it turned cold again!  Hopefully the snow pants will not have to come back to school!!

Valentines! - Pre-K 9-3

Posted by [email protected] on February 17, 2022 at 4:00 PM

This week was a special week because the children had a Valentine's Celebration! We had yummy treats and thank you for your contribution to our celebration. Our PreK 9-3 class is grateful! We talked about kindness and how to talk to friends in a kind way. We also talked about how we should listen to our mommies, daddies, and teachers because we are trying to keep them safe.

We made lots of fun stuff for Art, the children made a wreath out of hearts, we made "Sweetarts" using the letters of our name and we cut out a huge heart, wrote, "I Love You Mommy and Daddy" on them and drew pictures. The children had so much fun with this and they wanted to make sure they did good job so they took their time to make their creations.

For Science, we did a Valentine volcano where we put baking soda and vinegar in a cup. We predicted beforehand that it may overflow the cup. After we did the experiment, we said that made bubbles, fizzed out of the cup, and we heard fizzing sounds. it was a fun experiment!

We did lots of fun math activities where we had to count the number of letters in our name, we played Math Hearts Memory game, Math Match It! game, we practiced counting carefully using 1:1 correspondence, we did some simple addition, and we played a matching game where we had to match the numbers up to 30.

We practiced writing sight words, writing letters up to Tt, numbers, and we dictated how our mommies and daddies felt when they got their hearts that we made for them. The children said that their mommies and daddies loved them and they said that its on their refrigerator at home.

As previously stated, we talked a lot this week about kindness towards their friends and even their teachers. We all agreed that its not kind to not listen to our teachers or be mean to our friends. We talked about how to use our words, not our hands. We are currently working on what to say and how to say it which is in a nice way.

Dental Health - Pre-K 9-3

Posted by [email protected] on February 10, 2022 at 3:25 PM

This week week is Dental Week and we talked about how to take care of our teeth by brushing them twice a day, flossing, and not eating too many sweets. The children played a game where they had to figure out which foods are good and not good for our teeth. They talked about foods they liked to eat and didn't like to eat but they all agreed that it's okay to eat sweets every now and then. We talked about what our toothpaste tastes like when we brush our teeth and some friends said that it tastes like bubblegum. They asked me what mine tasted like and I said mint and they said they didn't like the taste of mint. I explained that my toothpaste is more for adults. We had nice discussion all week and I brought in different flosses and toothpastes so that the children can smell them. They didn't like the mint or the cinnamon because it was too strong.

We did some fun projects for Art. We made a Valentine's heart worm for our window with our names on it, we cut out mouth, glued the tongue, marshmallows for teeth to the mouth, we painted a tooth with white paint and toothbrush, and finally, we made interesting designs with paint and dental floss. The children said they really enjoyed what we did this week because they have never done those types of projects before.

The children did some activities where they picked a number and practiced writing it, they matched the uppercase letters to the lowercase letters, they learned some new dental words, they matched the dental word to the picture, we made a list of words that started with Ss, and we looked for the number 18 that I had hidden around the room.

The children did some fine motor activities where they did cutting and pasting items to construction paper, they put pony beads on a string, played with playdough, they "brushed" the big mouth with the big toothbrush, etc. It was a very busy week for us and we had a lot of fun learning about our teeth and how to take care of them. We learned that its important for us to go to the dentist twice a year to make sure our teeth is healthy.

-Ms. Michelle

Luau Fun - Pre-K 9-3

Posted by [email protected] on February 3, 2022 at 7:35 PM

This week's theme is Luau. We learned about Hawaii, Pacific Ocean, and animals. The children did Hula in the Coola in the Great Room where they learned to dance like they do in Hawaii. They had so much fun! We practiced writing different Hawaiian things (lei, hibiscus, ocean, etc) , letters, numbers, counting, and number recognition. The children made leis and a grass skirt in Art. We learned about different animals in the ocean such as bottlenose dolphin, corals, fish, etc.

We talked about kindness in the classroom, how to include others when we play, and how to use nice words when we want to play alone. The children played the Face Changing Rubik Cubes and we talked about the faces in each picture. The children were able to identify if the face was happy, sad, scared, embarrassed, etc. They really enjoyed playing this game and I think its a great game because the child will tell me what they see in the picture or tell me a story of how they felt.

We were able to play outside in the snow and the children has so much fun! We talked about not throwing snowballs at friends because they may not like it and we talked about walking carefully while going to the playground, in the playground, and walking back to the playground because of the ice on the ground. The children have been pretty good because they have been careful not to fall.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

-Ms. Michelle

Learning About Artists - Pre-K 9-3

Posted by [email protected] on January 27, 2022 at 3:00 PM

Our theme for this week is Artists. We talked about different artists, what they were famous for, and what types of tools the artists use to create their work. The children did a self-portrait of themselves using a mirror, crayons, coloring pencils, and markers. They drew a picture of whatever they wanted using oil pastels. They learned that artists sometimes need inspiration to create something different and unique. They also learned that sometimes artists do not use paints, paintbrushes, but instead they use items such as metal, glass, etc. The children created a mixed media art using ripped paper, tissue paper, yarn, stickers, etc to create their own art. It certainly made them creative and they were so excited! They practiced writing the artists' names all in lowercase to get practice writing in lowercase and they also practiced writing names of different tools artists use. They have been writing more this week and I have seen some improvement over the last few weeks in their writing. I also have been focusing increasing their number recognition by using the 100 days of school chart. They have been doing wonderful and they are trying their hardest to remember what number comes next.

We haven't been going outside due to the cold temperatures but that doesn't stop us from getting our physical activity in. We have been doing different activities such as yoga, balance beam, red light-green light, etc. The children have told me that they love it when we can play inside because they do different activities. I try to change it up so it does not get boring for them.

We talked about upcoming activities such as Hula in the Coola and Valentine's Day. I have sent out information about Valentine' Day Celebration and the sign up sheet is by the parent board. Feel free to sign up any time! I will send out a reminder the week before our Valentine's Day Celebration. Any questions, feel free to reach out to me!

Have a great week!

-Ms. Michelle

Learning How to Cook - Pre-K 9-3

Posted by [email protected] on January 13, 2022 at 2:30 PM

The children had a fun week learning about cooking. We learned how to be safe while we are helping our mommies and daddies cook and that some stuff in our kitchen may hurt us. We learned how to use measuring cups and different utensils in the kitchen such as tongs, spatula, measuring spoons, etc. We did a few science experiments as well! Did you know that oil sits on top of water? We put items such as penny, fuse beads, googly eye, and water beads inside the water bottle to see which items sinks and which items floats. We did a healthy/not healthy sorting activity and some of the children mentioned that pop is not good for us because it has too much sugar and they said they did not like some fruits and vegetables I explained to the children that its okay not to like something but we should at least try it. Who knows, they may like it.

We did play indoors at the beginning of the week because it was too cold to go outside but the children didn't seem to mind because they got to go on the monkey bars! We have been practicing on how to use our bodies to get across the monkey bars. Some of the children were not able to do it and some were. I explained that it will take some time to learn because some of us have never been on the monkey bars and some have. They had a great time and they were sad that we went outside when it was warm enough for us to go out. It's good to get some fresh air and not be cooped up inside all the time.

I did add some games and puzzles for the children to play such as Shrek memory game, My Little Pony memory game, Candyland, and puzzles that are a little bit more challenging. The children were very excited and they played well together by working together on the rules of the game, who goes first, and how to put the game away. They look forward to coming to school and playing the different games.

Welcome Back to Space! - Pre-K 9-3

Posted by [email protected] on January 6, 2022 at 1:40 PM

Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your children. This week, we talked about the Solar System and the children learned about gravity and why its important, the primary planets, dwarf planets, moon, and sun. We did a Solar System matching game where the children had to match the cards. Each card was cut in half with the names of the planets to help the children match. We practiced writing simple sentences, practiced writing letter Nn and 13. We did something new which was color with oil pastels and we made a pastel aurora! The children loved using the oil pastels and have asked if they can use them again! We made stars using marshmallows, white painted and black paper and we made snowmen. They told me that they really enjoyed doing the art projects. I also have been focusing on proper pencil grip. Some children seem to like it and for some, it may take some time but it will help them learn how to properly hold their pencil.

We did Astronaut Yoga in the Great Room because it was too cold to go outside and the children seemed to enjoy it and we will try to do more yoga in the classroom. Speaking of going outside, please make sure your children have gloves, hat, winter jacket, etc. If they do not have gloves, hat, etc, we can loan your child one. I wanted to let you know that the children are not allowed on the bow tie, monkey bars, and rock wall with gloves on because of the metal or if there is snow and/or ice. Some gloves do not have a good grip and they could fall off. We want to make sure they stay safe and warm while we are playing outside.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Michelle!

Learning About Winter - Pre-K 9-3

Posted by [email protected] on December 16, 2021 at 3:25 PM

This week was a short week but a fun week. The children were learning about Winter and we did many different activities such as finding the missing number, number recognition up to 15, simple addition, greater than and less than, naming things that start with Mm in our classroom, etc. We talked about how we can be safe while we are playing outside and the children all agreed that we need our coats, mittens, hats, boots, and scarves to keep us warm. We said we cannot run if its icy outside because we can slip and fall! We talked about what rules our mommies and daddies have at home. Most said that we have to be kind to others. The children loved putting the Frozen puzzles together and it was the most requested item they wanted to do when they came in the morning!

Our Polar Express Day was a success! The children had fun and they loved that that they were able to wear their pajamas and bring in their favorite stuffed animal. They are looking forward to Christmas and they can't wait until Santa brings them toys!

Thank you for the treats and Christmas presents! I appreciate them and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! I will see you back in January!

-Ms. Michelle

Learning About Dinosaurs - Pre-K 9-3

Posted by [email protected] on December 9, 2021 at 3:50 PM

We had a fun week learning about Dinosaurs! We talked about different dinosaurs and how big or small they were. The children said that they would be scared and excited to see dinosaurs if they were around today. We watched a short video and the children voted which dinosaur was their favorite. Triceratops was the winner! We drew a picture of a dinosaur using the book, "Dinosaur Bones" by Bob Barner as a reference. We made dinosaur tracks using small dinosaurs and paint. The children said they had fun doing these art projects. We did some dinosaur comparing (which group had less, more, or equal) and we did dinosaur count and clip. The children also counted the dinosaurs and they found the number card. We practiced writing dinosaur names, the letter Ll, 11 eleven, and we practiced writing sight words. We are doing a dinosaur science experiment to see how big our dinosaur will get while submerged in the water. He's supposed to get 600% times of his size! The children are anxious to see how big he'll get but unfortunately, it takes 10 days. Hopefully, we'll see him grow over the weekend. We'll keep you posted!

We have started doing Christmas stuff such as making Christmas trees, listening to Christmas music, and we will be working on our letters to Santa Claus! The children have already started talking about what they want for Christmas. As you already know, Samwell, our class elf has made his appearance and the children look forward to seeing where he will be when they come in the morning. We also have been talking about kindness and we went over the rules of the classroom to remind the children of what I expect in the classroom. It was a very busy week and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Michelle! Until next time....