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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

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Looking for Treasure - Young Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on September 29, 2022 at 3:20 PM

This week's theme was pirate. The children enjoyed reading books about pirates and listening to pirate songs. In language this week, we rolled a pirate cube and named the pictures on it, wrote on magnet board, colored with crayons and paper, did letter matching, and traced lines on our treasure map. In math and science this week, we played with magnet numbers and cookie sheets, sorted coins into ice cube trays, did a sinking experiment, and placed gems on grids. In motor development this week, we stacked wood tiles, stacked and manipulated cups, used tongs to place gems into ice cube trays, and walked the "plank." We also hid coins outside and ran around to find them. In art this week, we painted a treasure chest, painted a pirate telescope, decorated a pirate hat, and glued brown squares onto a pirate ship and made handprints on our pirate flag. We also added rice and treasure in our sensory table along with scoops. Tomorrow we will write on chalkboards with chalk, match different colored pirates, play with shape sorters, and make our very own pirate.

Pirates! - Infant

Posted by [email protected] on September 29, 2022 at 3:20 PM

This week in the infant classroom the theme is Pirates! We have explored quite a bit this week but here are our favorites. The group enjoyed reaching for floating light up sensory balls in a bin of shallow water. It was fun to count out loud when the infants successfully grabbed them and pulled the balls out of the water! We also used empty paper towel rolls as binoculars and talked as if we were out at sea! We also explored using the small electric aquarium with the lights off, noisy busy boxes and finger painting. It has been a wonderful week in the infant classroom, but we look forward to a new theme of Fire Safety and the new month of October! Until next time.

Celebrating Fall - PREK2

Posted by [email protected] on September 22, 2022 at 9:55 AM

Happy Fall! Summer is officially over! We talked about Fall and what happens to the leaves on the trees. We picked up leaves for our sensory table and one of our friends brought in pine cones and acorns for us to observe and look at. We talked about the differences between the seasons: Summer and Fall. We did a science experiment where we got to see what happens to leaves when they change color by using paper towels and colored water.

We did a leaf letter matching game, Leaf Missing letter game, wrote Fall words, traced letters and numbers using orange rice, and we used magnetic letters to match the letters in Fall words. We verbally discussed what was same and different in the acorns that I had made. The children had to work in pairs and talk about what was the same and different between the acorns. We also practiced writing letters using a dry erase marker and dry erase board. This is a good way for the children to practice writing and they can erase if they make any mistakes.

We used dice to count out the number of leaves that came up on the dice, the children did apple patterning, counted out the number of acorns and wrote down the number, subtilized the number of acorns, and they had to figure out what number was missing. Some of the children took it one step further by verbally counting out loud and some used 1:1 correspondence to count. They use different ways to count which is a skill needed for Kindergarten.

We made leaf rubbings using real leaves, we did a Johnny Appleseed art project, and we built an apple tree using green craft sticks, red pom poms, and a toliet paper roll. We practiced our cutting skills this week as well. We watched a short video on how apple trees grow from seeds. It was a busy, but fun week we had learning about Fall. We discussed how we can be safe while playing in the leaves, we talked about how we feel when we see leaves on the ground, and we also talked about when to ask for help. Some children try to do things for themselves but learned that it is okay to ask for help if we are still struggling with a task.

Since Fall is here which means cold weather, please make sure your child is dressed according to the weather. I don't recommend sandals or crocs because their feet might get cold.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!.

-Ms. Michelle

Fall...Is That You? - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on September 22, 2022 at 9:55 AM

What a wonderful way to start the first day of Autumn then with cool crisp air. We were beginning to think that fall was never going to come. This week the children learned about the lovely season of fall. At group we discussed different things such as how do we know when fall is here. The children had amazing answers such as when the leaves change colors, when the leaves begin to fall off the trees and when it gets a little cooler out. Outside, the children have been curious about the leaves and made some observations of how the leaves are changing. One friend picked up a leaf and noticed that half was green while the other half was turning a beautiful dark red. Our friends are very observant this year! We worked on our number recognition and counting at math, letter recognition and name writing at the language table and dove into our creative sides making leaf man, leaf rubbings and an apple from a paper plate. With the excitement of fall around us, we also began working on the letter Bb, We wrote a list of Bb words on our chalkboard in the back of the room, we read a Bb book and sang a song and wrote the letter Bb at the language table. Each week, we will continue to work on a letter of the alphabet. Oh, if you haven't gotten a chance yet to check out the construction across the street...please do so! While out on the patio, we have been allowing the friends to check out what the workers have been far just getting dirt and spreading it out on the ground, but the children seem to enjoy it! We hope that everyone has a fun and safe weekend!

In the words of Miss Chasity...GO BROWNS! :)

~Tara and Chasity~

All About Fall - Young Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on September 22, 2022 at 9:55 AM

It's officially fall and the children have jumped right into this week's theme. In language this week, we read various books about fall, wrote on magnetic writing boards, used bingo daubers on the letter F, played with magnet letter, and wrote with chalk on chalkboards. In math and science this week, we played with animal puzzles, math tiles, and made cinnamon playdough. In motor development this week, we stacked bristle blocks, waffle blocks, played with rainbow caterpillar gears, and flowers and flowerpots. In art this week, we glued leaf cutouts onto a poster board, used apples to stamp paint onto construction paper, and used a loofah to paint onto a tree. We also practiced putting on our coats using the flip trick. Tomorrow, we will color on leaf cutouts with markers, match acorns to the correct color container, jump like "popcorn", manipulate letter connectors, and make pumpkin pie art by stamping paint with pumpkin sponge and sprinkling pumpkin pie spice on top.

Fall Fun - Infant

Posted by [email protected] on September 22, 2022 at 9:55 AM

This week in the infant classroom the theme is Fall! We have explored quite a bit but here are our favorites so far. The entire group loved exploring with a large rainbow parachute and tossing fake flowers and leaves up in the air with teacher help! The group also enjoyed finger painting with fall colors like orange, brown and yellow! The younger infants tried taking small sensory balls in and out of the pockets of a muffin tin, while the older infants enjoyed clapping and counting the balls with teachers! We sat in front of the window every morning this week and talked about the leaves falling and changing color! We also talked about the changes in the weather recently and how soon we will all need hats, gloves and jackets to stay warm. It has been a great week in the infant classroom, but we look forward to a new theme on Monday! Until next time!

Fall - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on September 22, 2022 at 9:50 AM


We introduced the theme by talking about fall, what we will begin to start seeing, leaves changes colors, falling down, cool weather and we read to books about Fall and Apple Pie.


the children made their own "Corn" by gluing on stalk and cheerios, Fall Wreath- we used gold plates and decorate by gluing on various colorful leaves, Fall Tree- The children used corks to stamp on tree trunk to make their own trees, Leaf Stamping- We used cookie cutters to stamp on paper with yellow, green, orange and red paint, and Friday the children will glue on brown paper squares to Acorn shape.


We practiced counting by using apple sticks and foam blocks to make stand up and count at the same time, Acorn counting with containers with slit on lids to drop in as the children practice counting, apple seed counting-place the paper seeds on the apples and count the seeds, and Friday we will cut open a Squash to explore.

Motor Development

We practiced stringing rigatoni to build and strengthen grasp, play dough with cutters and rolling pins for rolling back and forth using both or one hand, Leaf lacing with pipe cleaners to practice stinging, peel stickers on place on big tree to practice using fingers to peel stickers off, and Friday we will play Food Twister to move, balance and keep standing using whole body.

Sensory Table

Rice/noodles/fruit7 veggie counters/shovels and buckets


Instead of making squash soup, the children asked to make an Apple Pie- so we will make Apple pie on Friday. We will still explore the insides of a Squash.

Food Cards- Healthy or unhealthy

Cover Your Cough- Model steps and have children practice all week

Colors & Shapes - Pre-K 2

Posted by [email protected] on September 15, 2022 at 5:05 PM

Our theme this week is Colors and Shapes. We talked about what colors and shapes we see outside, inside our classroom, at home, or wherever we are. We made a shape house made out of shapes: red triangle, yellow rectangle, blue square, and green circle. We talked about which of our friends' shape houses are same or different, and how they are the same or different. We made apple prints using real apples! It was messy but fun! The children seemed to enjoy it. We made a rainbow and used marshmallows as clouds. Some of the children squished their marshmallows and some didn't. It was a cute and unique art project they did this week.

We talked about what our favorite colors are and why its our favorite. We all agree that we all like different colors for different reasons but most of the children said that the colors were so pretty! We did an M&M experiment where we put M&M's in a circle and poured water over them to see what would happen. Did you know that if you leave the M&M's in water for a long time, the coating comes off and we get to see the chocolate! It was an interesting and fun experiment that we did.

We traced letters in rice, practiced writing letters using a dry erase marker and dry erase board, and practiced writing names of colors and shapes. We have been practicing writing our name using different utensils such as pencils, markers, crayons, etc. This is a great way for the children to get a feel of writing something that is skinny or fat.

We worked on putting numbers in order using legos that had numbers written on them, traced a red triangle using red bear counters, counting the dots on dominoes, creating pattern using pattern blocks, and we learned about 2D and 3D shapes. We discussed what different things we see that look 2D or 3D. For example, an orange is a circle which is a 2D shape and in 3D, its called a sphere. We learned new things this week! It was a fun week learning about colors and shapes.

Next week's theme is Fall. Speaking of next week's theme, Fall is coming up very soon and it will start to get colder, please make sure you child has warm clothes in their cubby and have them dressed according to the weather.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

-Ms. Michelle

Learning About Colors & Shapes - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on September 15, 2022 at 5:00 PM

Shapes! Colors! Shapes! Colors!...this week the children learned about our colors and our shapes. To make it more fun, we decided to wear a different color each day and it has been so much fun seeing the entire class in the same color for the day. As far as shapes go, we have been working on different shape recognition activities. We played shape BINGO, worked with pattern blocks and played Jack Hartmann shape activities via the I-pad. At the language table we worked on letter recognition activities, writing out different color words and worked on beginning sounds with the children. At art this week, the children got creative painting with circles, making a collage with green tissue paper and creating their own creation with different shapes. We started the alphabet this week. Each week, we will be working with the letters of the alphabet where we come up with words that start with that letter, read a book about the letter and sing a song about the letter. We also take the time to write the letter at the language table. This week we started letter Aa and will continue to work on it the rest of the week before starting letter Bb next week. It was fun learning about the different colors and shapes this week and we hope that the children had as much fun dressing in the different colors as we did! The fun will continue next week! Have a wonderful and amazing weekend.

-Chasity and Tara-

Fun with Colors & Shapes - Pre-School

Posted by [email protected] on September 15, 2022 at 5:00 PM

This week was all about shape and colors. Monday in art the children painted with loofah's and in math the children engaged in a shape bingo activity. Tuesday in art the children created a shape collage, gluing various shapes to paper. In language the children practiced tracing shapes, a good practice for pincer grip with a writing tool. In math the children created patterns with shape stringing beads. Wednesday in art the children painted with shape stamper's and in math they sorted shapes and counted which was more or less. The language activity was done as a large group at group time where the teacher described an object in the room of it's shape and color and the children needed to find or guess what it was. This experience was a bit of a challenge, so we modified the activity to a simple eye spy game to name colored items matching the color spied. Today the children wanted to color so we made that our art for the day. The children also explored oatmeal, a good sensory exploration. In language the children matched color words together and we incorporated some math to identify how many e's they saw in all the words, or b's, and o's and so on. Tomorrow in art the children will work with marshmallows and sugar cubes to create some fun 3D structures. In language the children will help create a list of foods that are red, orange, yellow, green, and purple. In math the children will sort shapes by size. In the sensory table this week the children explored water with bowls, small colanders and small cups.