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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

Fun With Dinosaurs - Pre-School

Posted by [email protected] on December 9, 2021 at 2:30 PM

A favorite theme for the preschoolers, dinosaurs! Monday in art the children glued noodles to paper, "dino bones!" In language the children engaged in a dino bingo game and in math they rolled numbers and then needed to find the matching number on a dinosaur picture. Tuesday in art the children sponge painted, in language they dictated what would happen if they brought a T-Rex to school and in math they matched numbered dinosaurs. Wednesday in art the children did some painting with their feet, in language the children wrote their name as a dinosaur (i.e. Joeasaurus), this was a good activity to work with their pincer grip and letter recognition. In math the children sorted and patterned dinosaur counters. Today in art the children painted with dinosaur stamps, in language they traced letters with dinosaur counters and in math they played dinosaur lotto. Tomorrow in art the children will marble paint, in language they will create a list of D words and practice writing the letter D, and in math the children will roll a number and practice writing the number the die landed on. In the sensory table this week the children explored dinosaur counters with small colanders, tongs, and boats.