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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

Cooking is Fun - Pre-School

Posted by [email protected] on January 13, 2022 at 2:25 PM

This week the children explored cooking themed activities and experiences in the classroom. Monday in art the children glued together a pizza by using a red paint/glue mixture to paint on sauce and then add yellow "cheese" paper strips, and green "peppers" and red "pepperoni" circles to the plate. In math the children sorted veggie counters by type and counted to see which had more and which had less. In language the children dictated a recipe of their favorite food to eat. Tuesday in art the children painted with either a potato masher or a fork, and in language the children looked at pictures of people cooking and dictated what they saw, what kitchen tools they were using and how they were using them. In the afternoon th children watched a little video of a child making a cake! Wednesday in art the children did some marble painting and uin language they practiced writing words of kitchen tools/appliances. The math activity we did as a large group experience of sorting pictures of foods we cook and foods we do not cook, and the children learned that some foods can be eaten cooked or not cooked. Today the children explored using a grater to help shred some zucchini for the chocolate zucchini muffins we made. This was a good fine motor/sensory experience. The children then watched a love cooking show of Miss Natalie mixing the ingredients together and we talked about how the ingredients consistency changed once it was all mixed together. The children are very excited to have a muffin at snack too! We combined our math and language experience together as the children played kitchen tool bingo. The children learned names of tools and they talked about what they are used for. The children then counted ow many pictures were on their bard once they got a bingo! Tomorrow in art the children will do some puffy snow painting and in math they will match number mittens to a number hat. In language the children will pick a letter out of a bowl, identify it and add it to a pot. This week the children were very creative in the sensory table exploring rice with ladles and ice cream scoops. We added yellow shreds of paper and plastic eggs too and we've been hearing lots of talk o make cakes, pizza, ice cream and soup!