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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

Authors - Pre-School

Posted by [email protected] on February 24, 2022 at 2:05 PM

This week we have been sharing books written by famous children's book authors and the children have been engaging in some fun activities! Monday in art the children painted with cotton balls and in math they played a path game to get the snowball down the hill. In science the children did a taste test of an apple, orange and a banana and charted which fruit they liked best. In language the children engaged in a who what when where why activity; the children were asked questions, and this is a good language experience to help children learn how to answer questions on topic. Tuesday in art the children cut out circles and glued them to paper, in math they hunted for numbers around the room and in language the children worked on telling stories using pictures of a person, place and action; another good language experience to put together words to make sentences. Wednesday in art the children painted at the easel, in math they worked with animal counters and 1 to 1 grid and in language the children worked on lower case letter recognition as they rolled a letter die and needed to find its match on their paper. Today in art the children marble painted and in math they played a mouse match game where they needed to match the colored mouse to the same color cheese. Tomorrow in art the children will paint with a painting tool fo their choice and in math they will play a chair number match activity and in language they will dictate what their story would be about if they wrote a book. In the sensory table this week the children explored letter stones with small trucks, ladles and bowls. In science the children explored inclines using wooden blocks and balls and they also have been working with the sound shakers.,