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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

Easter Week - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on April 14, 2022 at 5:15 PM

Easter Week

We introduced the "Easter Bunny" last week to prepare for this week and all the activities we will be doing. At group time we talked about and named some foods we eat at Easter and what we do- Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Bunny visits and Family.


On Monday the children made an Easter Egg by painting with colored Karo syrup and sprinkling on colored rice, Tuesday, we made Baby Chicks- fork painting with yellow rice and adding googly eyes, feathers, beak and feet- Wednesday- the children stamped with "Bunny" cookie cutters and added cotton balls for a "Bushy tail". Thursday- We marble painted with real eggs and Friday we will make "Carrots" by gluing on orange tissue paper/squares and green hand prints for stem.


The children practiced counting with colored eggs and Easter baskets by placing them in one at a time, naming colors and filling and dumping, We used bunny sorting egg trays and jelly beans to separate colors, make patterns and fill egg spot . we made cupcake cones -mix. measure, pour and decorate, and Friday, we will decorate eggs to take home.

Motor Development

The children worked their fingers/hands practicing opening/closing plastic eggs and filling with jelly beans, Manipulated Rubik Cubes to practice twisting/turning motions, the children used tongs to pick up plastic carrots and place in carrots bags, put fingers in loop of string pulled closed and practiced opening by pulling top part with both hands-great fine motor practice/strength, the children made Bunny or Chick felt decorations by placing all materials on felt piece using fingers and Friday, the children will use shimmery eggs on sticks/flowers w/foam blocks to make stand and use eye-hand coordination.


Put peeps in Microwave and water- watch what happens, Balloon blow up- fill water bottle with vinegar , dump baking soda with balloon and watch balloon inflate.


Jelly Bean walk Easter Egg Hunt outside on play ground

Songs all week:

Here comes Peter cotton tail, We Wish You A Merry Easter, If You Like The Easter Bunny and B-U-N-N-Y.