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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

All About Mothers - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on May 5, 2022 at 5:40 PM

Mother's week


The children have been working on Mother's Day gifts and Cards!


The children practiced naming flowers/colors by placing them into a large vase to fill up to make a Bouquet , small color family counters with colored rubber cups to match same colors in each bowl. we used real ice cream cones and large colored pom-poms for scooping, counting , filling and naming colors as the children put them into the cones, The children practiced opening and closing Jewelry boxes by lifting the locks and snapping them back down while counting coins and Friday, the children will work with number foam puzzles-naming numbers and finding where they fit in the puzzle board.

Gross Motor

The children manipulated flower tooth picks/number flower crafts sticks by pressing them into round foam blocks, colored cupcake liners w/ shape links to match one-to-one, The children made Mother's Day cards by coloring with markers and gluing on "paper mom figures" we had cottages with family small counter people for manipulating and Friday the children will practice using chop sticks to pick up the colored pom-poms and fill up their Won Ton boxes. We have only used chop sticks one other time, so this is new and challenging.

Sensory Bin

Colored rice, small watering cans/scoops


We have been singing/practicing "Happy Mother's day To You" sung to Happy Birthday Tune

Cinco De Mayo song with Maracas


*During group time, Miss Brenda asked all the children "what does Mommy do to make you happy? "responses were written down exactly what children said about their Mommy's. Will post in parent corner for all to see..

*Friday- We will introduce "Duck, Duck Goose' by sitting in a circle and have the children go around and tap teach child's head and say "Duck". After the children have this part down, we will introduce the "Goose" part.

*Hop-pity Hopscotch outside on the play ground