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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

All About Gardening - Pre-K 9-3

Posted by [email protected] on May 12, 2022 at 4:40 PM

Warm weather is finally here! Hopefully, it stays warm! With that said, please make sure your child has socks on if they wear shoes with holes because of rocks, sticks, and other outside items can hurt their feet. Check your child's cubby to see if they have warm weather clothes in case of accidents, spills, etc.

This week, we have been talking about Gardening. We talked about where our food grows from which are trees and garden. We talked about the life cycle of a flower using pictures and we labeled each part together. We are growing our own sunflowers! The children are excited to watch the seeds grow into actual sunflowers and I explained to them that it takes time for the sunflowers to sprout. We talked about what things plants need to grow which are soil, sun, water, and air. We learned how bees and other insects help spread the seeds around so that new flowers, trees, and plants grow.

We practiced writing letters, matched lowercase flower letters to uppercase letter flower pots, figured out what sounds each letter makes by using a picture to the letter flower pots, and we played sight word bingo. We have been practicing a lot this week about figuring out what sounds each letter makes by using different pictures. We learned what numbers are odd and even. We played different math games using dice, sunflower seeds, and we sorted different gardening tools, fruits, and vegetables by their attributes. In Art, we made a My Name Garden, drew a picture of a garden as a class, and we painted flowers using plastic bottles. We did different things in Art such as cutting, coloring, gluing, etc and we experimented with different materials to create our pictures.

We talked about not running away from our mommies and daddies when they come to pick up because it's not a safe choice and we could run into another child or adult. We also spoke about not running out of the center without our mommies and daddies because there are cars and we could get hurt.

Categories: Pre-K 9-3