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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

Camping - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on May 19, 2022 at 2:15 PM

Camping Week

We started the week with singing "A Camping We Will go", named camping item and foods, and talked about Camping stories. Many children took mac & Cheese camping and took a boat to get there.


The children painted with Jumbo marshmallows , made their own fire pit by gluing on logs and sponge painted on top of the logs to resemble fire, star cookie cutter stamping w/ blue paper to resemble a starry night of camping, we decorated colored tubes with food stickers to make Binoculars and tomorrow we will make Lanterns by stuffing green clear cups w/orange/red/yellow tissue paper and pipe cleaner for a handle.


The children counted cotton balls and placed them in between brown paper to make pretend S'mores, we practice color/shape matching with shape grid, mini marshmallow counting w/ fire pit cups-count the marshmallows using spoons, colored coin matching w/ foam sorting tray to match same color coins/same size coins by separating them into the sections in the tray.

Motor Development

The children explored with pretzel sticks and small/large marshmallows by creating their own structure- the children were very creative, animal print paper and toddler scissors/preschool scissors were at the manipulative table to practice holding both pair of scissors and manipulate how they both work and Hook the fish w/ magnet wands- name numbers on fish you know, bracelet/rings with cones -see how many you can fit on cone or arm.

Sensory Bin

Mini marshmallows, straws, small plates/small clear containers and graham crumbs

Social Emotional

We have a tent and pretend fire pit/camping food/Smores/ cups and picnic food plates. Song: A Camping we will Go!


We will make S'mores, crazy cube activity outside