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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

Let Camping Season Begin - Pre-School

Posted by [email protected] on May 19, 2022 at 2:15 PM

This is always an exciting theme for the children, and teachers! The children talked a lot about what they know about camping this week and talked about what they will do when they go camping. On Monday in art the children created a handprint campfire on a large poster board, and in language the children worked with rhyming words, matching the rhymes together. On Tuesday in art the children painted with marshmallows, so cool! In language the children engaged in a camping bingo activity. Wednesday in art the children painted with a rice filled nylon stocking and moved it up and down on their paper to create prints. In language the children liust6ened to and answered wh questions, a good activity for them to work their logical thinking skills. Today the children explored many fine motor activities such as togs, small koosh balls, kinetic sand with scoops, and putty. Some floor puzzles were brought out and we saw lots of teamwork! Tomorrow in art the children will glue yellow, orange and red paper to create another campfire and in math the children will explore a camp concentration activity. In the water table this week the children worked with insects, bowls and frogs. The children also worked with mini-marshmallows and toothpicks this week