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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

Circus, Circus - Pre-K 9-3

Posted by [email protected] on May 26, 2022 at 4:30 PM

This week has been a busy week because we have been rehearsing for the PreK Circus and the children are so excited for their parents to see what they can do! We have been practicing writing numbers, letters, and Circus words this week. We made a circus word list, dictated what we would do if we were in the circus, we match uppercase letters to lowercase letters, we made letters and numbers while using popcorn, and we did a Popcorn Sight word domino game. We counted popcorn using 1:1 correspondence while using number cards, Circus Simple addition with popcorn, Circus 3 piece number puzzle, Circus Graphing, and Circus number sequence puzzle. We made a popcorn bag with real popcorn, we drew a picture of how we think a circus looks like, and we made a clown hat where we colored and cut the hat. The children had so much fun doing these art projects. We listened to circus music and we made a ferris wheel while using tinker toys. The children discovered that they can mix hard and soft blocks to make their own version of a circus and instead of animals, they used dinosaurs! They were very creative this week. We discussed different things we saw or would like to see at a circus.

We talked this week about who we would talk to if we were feeling sad, angry, etc and most of the children said that they would talk to their mommy and daddy because they would help us and make us feel better. We talked about different ways we can help someone and we talked about different animals we see at the circus and how to take care of them. We also discussed ways we can be safe while at the circus and we all agreed that we need to stay close to mommy and daddy because if we get lost, our mommy and daddy would be so scared that they do not see us!

I have been working with the children on getting them to talk more about feelings, rules, and how to be safe. I will continue to do this until they leave PreK 9-3.

Don't forget that we are closed on May 30, 2022 in observance of Memorial Day and the last day for PreK 9-3 is June 2, 2022.

-Ms. Michelle

Categories: Pre-K 9-3