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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

Superhero Fun - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on June 2, 2022 at 2:20 PM

Superhero week

During group time, we introduced the popular well known Superhero's Spiderman, Batman and Wonder Woman with pictures and print on the Word Wall. We named each Superhero and the children pointed to their favorite Superhero.


The children made "power Cuffs" by decorating with lightening Boltz and glitter on sentence strip colored paper, Crowns by gluing on stars on purple crown paper, Spiderman webs- glued black yarn on red/blue paper with hand prints, and tomorrow the children will make a Super hero shield and decorate with stars/blue/red paper pieces on paper plates.


The children practiced colors and counting with small colored bear counters with number dot grid to place on top of the dots and count during activity, Bubble Gum machine grid with colored coins for counting bubble gum balls and matching the same colors, button shapes/color grid for matching, naming colors they know. work on colors they don't know along with shapes and tomorrow, the children will work on number foam puzzles with teacher help.

Motor Development

We used colored various size rubber bands and foam cups to stretch over the cups and layer as many rubber bands as the children could-this allows the children to use their fingers/hands and eye -hand coordination to stretch the rubber bands as wide as they can to make them fit around the cups, Star stringing- the children practiced stringing with star lacing cards and shoe strings to begin the process of grip and multi-tasking by holding materials in both hands to begin to string, we strengthened our fine motor skills by using Nuts-n-Boltz to practice twist and turn motions.

Sensory Table

Rotini noodles, colored buckets and shovels

Social Emotional


We will make mango smoothies- The children asked to make smoothies and the vote was Mango.


"what it's like to be a Super hero" and If I were a Super hero"