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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

Under the Sea Week - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on June 9, 2022 at 1:55 PM

Under The Sea Week

We introduced the theme with various Sea Animal pictures cards with a brief description of what they eat and how they feel. We also named new and familiar Sea Animals in a book called "Sea Life". During the week we will watch short videos of various Sea Life in action.

Tuesday-Swim day

Wednesday & Friday Classroom outside


Starfish- The children glued cheerios on an Orange starfish pattern and sprinkled white glitter sand, We made Whale's by gluing on pieces and painting blue, Thursday- Seahorse glued colorful scales and shimmer dust and Friday we will make a Crab by gluing on pieces


The children sorted Sea Animals by color and placed then in square tin containers, Science-Magnet shoe Horse rings, sea animal balancing boards to practice patterning and counting, and tomorrow the children will use nets to count how fish they put in their net.

Motor Development

We worked with tongs to pick up tropical fish and place them in the clear plastic cups to work on manipulation/eye-hand coordination/grip,, Connecting colored fish to snap together with fingers, Octopus bottles with clothespins/colored craft sticks to drop, dump and clip, sea animal counters with clear containers with lids to practice twisting/turning to open and close the lid, and tomorrow we will explore with play dough and sea animal cookie cutters to make animal impressions.

Sensory Table

Green water and Sea Animals

Added bath bombs for experiment to watch the fizz and color change

Today, Thursday we made Mango smoothies-Fresh Mango, yogurt and OJ

Health & Wellness

We will briefly discuss the importance of drinking water

Animal Graph.... "What's your favorite Sea Animal"?

Watermelon- Does it sink or float in water?