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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

All About Colors and Shapes - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on September 15, 2022 at 5:00 PM


We introduced colors/shapes by having the children come up to word wall board and point to shape asked by teachers. Each day is a different color and shape so we can practice recognition, along with all the activities that are related to shapes/colors.


Blue circles- the children stamped with 2 different cup sizes on paper with blue paint to make circle shapes- Red Square- the children glued on red paper squares to a big white square shape paper-Green Triangle- we stamped with Triangle shape stampers on green paper, Green Rectangle- stamped with rectangle shape sponges, S for star-glue letter S on black paper use Q-tips with white paint to stamp and make stars.


Color shape drop sorters to practice where shapes belong/fit and drop in bucket, Number bubble gum machine- place the colored chips on top of the bubble gum balls and practice counting ,dot sticker color shapes-place the same color dot stickers to same color paper, yellow duck patterning- place the same size duck to pattern on paper that fits to practice size.

Motor Development

Shape puzzles to practice hand/finger manipulation to make the pieces fit, large button shape lacing with pipe cleaners to practice with a sturdy grip, yellow magnet drawing boards with writing tool to practice making shapes ,lines ,scribbles and finger/hand grasp, and Friday Star links to practice making a chain by snapping links together.

Sensory Table

Colored shape links/sand/ladles


Shape Dice- the children rolled the die and named the shape it landed on

Health & Wellness- Make a Rainbow Pita{peppers, cream cheese & pita}

Paper plate paddles w/ balloons outside

Classroom Rules- Review and view rules- walking feet, safe hands and teeth are for food