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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

Five Talented People - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on January 27, 2022 at 3:00 PM

This week was all about 5 very talented people that created some really spectacular art. We started on Monday with Vincent Van Gogh. We looked at several pieces of his work. At the art table, we worked on our own self-portraits, just like Vincent! The funny part about doing these is that many of the children called it a "selfie" and forgot the word "self-portrait"! Oh what a different world we live in! Tuesday was all about Claude Monet! We again looked at several pieces of art and then used our own watercolors to paint the picture (see the front window for these). Wednesday was all about Mary Cassett. She painted many girls and women with big hats and bonnets on their heads. We decided to have a tea party in the drama area to go with her fancy girls from her pictures. Thursday was all about Yayoi Kusama. She was a Japanese artist who liked to use polka dots all over. We used one of her pictures as our inspiration piece at art. We used q-tips to make tiny polka dots in orange (like Yayoi's pumpkin picture). Friday will be all about Augusta Savage. We will be using clay as our medium to sculp and create our own masterpieces. Our sensory table was full of scrap paper this week. We continue to work on our small muscles so we did a lot of tearing paper there and naming the colors we see and some random shapes we made. Our language activities included lots of writing practice and letter identification. We ended our week with a game of letter BINGO! Our math activities included putting numbers in order from 1-20, measuring with unifex cubes and a game of Connect Four! We did not go outside this week due to the cold weather. We did however make our own fun in the Great Room with relay races, fun on the climber and a few games of "cake walk-fall festival-style". We walked on our lettered carpet squares. When the music stopped, a teacher picked a letter and instead of picking a cake, you told a word that started with your letter. We intend to stay warm and hopefully get outside next week for some fresh air!

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