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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

Fun with Pets - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on March 31, 2022 at 2:20 PM


We introduced the theme by naming pets on Word Wall board and asked the children "Who has a pet?" and what's your pets name?".


The children made a dog by gluing on materials to paper plate, Tuesday- Paper bag Cat by decorating with pink pipe cleaners for whiskers, eyes/ears/felt piece for body, Wednesday- Fish painted with bubble wrap blue/purple paint and foil cupcake liners, Thursday Blue Bird- glued blue tissue paper/blue circles/yellow feet/beak/eyes. Friday- Bunny Doily- glued floppy ears/whiskers/nose/eyes/white/pink round face.

Motor Development

The children explored with various size Dog biscuits/tongs and small dog bowls to practice picking up using finger grasp/manipulation to put biscuits in bowls, Cat whisker lacing- we used pipe cleaners to lace for a sturdy firm grip to begin to weave/string in and out of the holes, Net Fishing- The children used small nets to pick up fish with colored scoops to put in nets to practice eye-hand coordination, Foam balls with feather for poking to make feathers stick out which requires strength by pushing with fingers/hands, and Bunny tails w/ clothespins to practice open and close motion to pick up cotton balls.


The children were exposed to various size paper dog bowls to see different sizes- small, medium and large and same color wooden dog bones were added to match to bowls, Color button patterning grid was provided at the math table to name colors and make patterns on grid, fish number game- The children named the numbers on the fish with teacher help as they tried to pick up the fish w/ the pole, Bird nest color match to practice colors and patterns and Friday, the children will match colored clothespins with "Bunny Cotton Tails"

Social Emotional Activities:

On Monday morning, we played Doggie, Doggie Where's Your Bone"? in the great room. This activity allowed the children to figure out who had the bone hiding behind their back by guessing.

On Thursday, the children took turns picking up Tropical fish with tongs and placed them in bowls

Friday- We will watch a video on how to milk a cow, talk about the importance of milk and "Milk" our own cow by using a glove filled with milk and practice squeezing the milk out.

We will review basic parts of a Fish and name the parts at group time and the children will make a color train by using colored craft sticks and lay them on the floor .