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By the time they reach their first birthday, your baby may start to:

• show shyness and/or nervousness around strangers

• cry when mom or dad leave

• hand you a book when they want you to read to them

• repeat sounds and actions to get attention

• put out an arm or leg to assist with dressing

• play games such as peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake

• have favorite people and toys

• show fear in some situations


This is the sign for sleep – it is a great sign to teach them to signal the start of the bedtime routine and in turn is a good one for them to learn to let an adult know that they are getting tired. It may be a little harder for them to pick up on and use but seeing it often and consistently, will help them learn it more quickly.


Benefits of crawling – While every baby develops on their own time and many start crawling at different ages and in different ways, the benefits of crawling before they learn to take their first step are important. Most of us probably do not even realize what they are learning in addition to the actual crawling skill. They are fine tuning their spatial awareness skills, using sight and touch to find objects in their environment. They are strengthening their flexible memory as they learn other new skills. It also helps improve their eye-hand coordination which will continue to grow as they do, leading to them learning to hold a pencil correctly. Crawling has steps that require them to learn balance and back and forth arm-leg patterns but they are also learning so much more, even before they take their first step!

Fun fact about babies –A baby’s brain size will double in size in their first year of life so by their first birthday, it will be 60% of an adult brain size.