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By the time your baby is between 4 and 7 months old, they may start to:

• babble random sounds then add consonant sounds a little later all while raising and lowering their pitch

• make sounds in response to sounds they hear an adult make and have back and forth interactions with adults

• make different sounds to communicate different messages – they are learning that the sounds they make will get the attention of the adults taking care of them

• recognize frequently used words including their name


This is the sign for apple– this sign is an easy food sign for them to learn and use. If the child particularly likes apples, use the sign when asking if they want some, when they want more or even while reading a book about familiar foods. They may use it a little differently than shown but usually the intent is evident while they are learning it and eventually using it.


Transitioning from a bottle to a cup is a big step in a babies development and can be easier for some and a little more difficult for others. The first step is to introduce it early while they are sitting in their highchair and have started eating solids. Try different cups until there is one that they prefer. Try starting with liquids that they are familiar with, such as formula, breast milk or water and then hold the cup up for them so they can experiment on how to drink from it and practice with it before letting them try it on their own. Cut back on bottles throughout their day and offer cups instead and as always offer encouragement and plenty of praise. They will get the hang of it and become proficient at it and consistency and patience are the main factors for their eventual success.

Fun fact about babies – babies can recognize music that they heard while in the womb up to the time that they are 4 months old! It may relieve crankiness because of its familiarity.