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By the time your baby is 8 months old, they may start to:

• experience separation anxiety when familiar people leave

• act shy or uncomfortable around strangers

• use a smile to greet someone they are comfortable with, showing they understand the permanence of certain people in their lives

• show signs of empathy - when they see other babies crying, they may cry, whimper or make a sad face often while looking at their caregiver


This is the sign for water – this is a great sign for them to learn to let us know they are thirsty, especially between meal times. The sign may look a little different when they try to do it as their fine motor skills are still developing but when we begin to understand what they are trying to tell us, we can work the sign into a sentence so they know that what they are doing is correct, for example, “are you signing water, are you thirsty, let’s go get you a cup of water?”


Benefits of play – children learn through play and there are important benefits that come along with it, as well. Play can help with their brain growth, giving them life experiences to build the foundation of this growth, early on. It has been shown to help raise their intelligence as they get older, it helps spark their creativity, it can help with their language and communication skills, play can promote self-regulation and overall, it can strengthen relationships between the child and their caregivers. Children love to play and be around friends, but while they do not see it as anything more than that, we understand that there is also a lot of learning going on as well.

Fun fact about babies – babies can recognize the tone of your voice and respond to it appropriately, so even if you are saying something nice with a smile on your face, if your tone is angry, they will react to the anger not necessarily what you are saying.