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One of the more recent topics that we are working on as a class is table manners. One thing you can do at home to reinforce the rules is to incorporate some things we do so your child gets the concepts and routine of eating with others at a table. Together with Emily Post, these are some of the things we do in the classroom to remember our table manners:

• come to the table with clean hands

• put your napkin your lap

• start eating when everyone else does

• stay in your seat, on your bottom

• chew with your mouth closed and don’t talk until you’ve swallowed your food

• ask to have more food passed to you (currently we do not do this here) without reaching across the table

• use “please” and “thank you”

• talk with people at your table

• do not make rude noises like slurping, excuse yourself when burping (cover if you can)

• clean up your area after you have cleared your things 


11/15-11/19 families

11/22-11/26 Thanksgiving

11/29-11/3 Hanukkah

12/6-12/10 dinosaurs


Our skill for the rest of the month the month and December is “Dealing With Feeling Mad”. Sometimes, we react quickly when we are upset. We need to remember to STOP and think. Our reactions sometimes become worse than the initial problem. These are the steps we will work on:

1. STOP AND THINK- stop, and don’t do anything. Think about the negative consequences that can happen when we react in an aggressive way (hitting, taking a toy, throwing an object…)

2. CHOOSE- choose one of these options as a way to think out the best way for you to think of a way to react that is acceptable

• turtle- act like a turtle, curl up in a (pretend) shell where you can’t see the person that you are angry with

• relax- think about how you feel, take three deep breaths

• ask to talk- discuss who is a peer to go to talk out your mad (or can ask a teacher!)

3. DO IT- at this point, you should have made one of these choices


11/13 World Kindness Day

11/18 LCCC feast

11/21 Naomi’s 5th birthday

11/25 Thanksgiving Day

11/28 Hanukkah begins