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I usually introduce Spanish Words a couple times throughout the year, I will introduce a few Summer words in June, July and August.

As you know, the Spanish words I introduce are for exposure only we do not replace any English spoken words at all. If the children catch on and use the words, we don’t discourage, we acknowledge. Below you will find the words:

*Hot- Caliente

*Water- Agua

*Towel- Toalla

*Swim- Nadar

*Clothes- Ropa

*Ice Cream- Helado

*Sun- Sol

*Shoes- Zapatos


Children’s ability to recognize different colors starts up at around 18 months, the same time they begin to notice similarities and differences in shape, size, and texture. Children can usually name colors by the age of 3 and sometimes before.

We work on colors through naming objects and asking the children to find specific colors in the classroom through, daily routines, activities, games and lesson plans. We do not drill the children with flash cards or make children learn their colors, we provide various opportunities throughout their day to explore with many colors. Toddlers will know their colors when they are developmentally ready, not forced.

Below are some examples of how we introduce colors to the children:

“Can you find the yellow Corn”

“Where is the red Apple”

“Bring me the blue car”

“Let’s find all the green frogs”

“Let’s pick up all the orange crayons”

“I need all the purple.... “

Allow the children to find the colors themselves through this method.


During this month, the children will be learning about the importance of water and how we use it every day. Some ways we will learn about will be: Drinking water, cooking, washing dishes, personal hygiene, laundry, watering garden, swimming, sanitation, fire protection and washing cars.

You could also do one of these activities at home to teach the importance of water. You could make flavored water by adding fresh fruit or wash your car and they can wash their riding toy outside with you. Be creative and have fun with any of the ideas listed or your own pertaining to water use.