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Toddlers are busy people. They’re always on the move as they play, experiment, explore- and leave a trail of toys and unfinished activities behind them. 

To stay on top the big messes little children make, we turn clean-up into a regular part of their routine. Although currently, the children are not sharing toys with each other and have their own trays and own sets of toys/materials, they still have to clean-up their trays, dump toys into bins for cleaning and stack their trays. This is part of our daily routine, 

We make clean-up quick, we expect some resistance, we explain the benefits of cleaning, and we have fun while they get the job done, by playing music, we sing a special clean-up song and set a timer so the children know when it’s time to clean-up. This also teaches children to be responsible and take care of their toys/materials, so they don’t get lost or broken.


Let’s Shake, Jump, crawl and Move it all around!

Every Friday we will start a new physical activity in the classroom or outside to help with strengthening children's Gross Motor Development. We will be working a bit more on children's balance and coordination by providing more balancing activities such as: Walking Zig Zag lines, dinosaur feet, walking backwards, crab walk, standing on one foot, yoga poses Jumping Jacks, galloping, weaving in and out of cones, bear crawl and butterfly stretches. 

By providing these activities it will help increase children's balance and coordination skills while being challenged and exercising weekly.


In As mentioned earlier we would like all families to participate in Thanksgiving Project. Please take some time to do the project together and return to school anytime between now and November 22, 2021. Have fun and be we will start our first Family Fun “Thanksgiving” project. The purpose of this project is to have all families participate in sharing your Family Traditions with us around the Holiday’s. We will send home more information closer to date with instructions. Remember: the idea of this project is to do it as a family, have fun and be creative.