In our older toddler classroom, our 2- to 3-year-olds learn in the same flexible and creative environment as the young toddler room, with additional learning opportunities.

The curriculum for Lakewood Child Care Center’s older toddler classroom focuses on emerging abilities to play with other children. It also facilitates children’s development of knowledge through their interactions with materials, each other, and adults. 

Our teachers address the wide variations in toddlers’ interests, temperaments, and patterns of growth and development through classroom activities and lesson plans.

Providing Our Older Toddlers with Care, Education and Support

A Lakewood Child Care Center teacher does an experiment holding a toy sailboat
A toddler-aged boy sits on a riding toy on Lakewood Child Care Center's patio

Tuition, Rates and Financial Aid

Older Toddler Blog


Art Monday- The children painted with sponges with orange/red paint and glued on brown paper strips to resemble fire logs Tuesday- We painted with jumbo marshmallows on sticks with red/orange paint Wednesday- We stamped with star cookie cutters on blue paper w/ yellow paint to make a stary sky Friday- We will make our own Lanterns…

Having Fun With Gardening

We introduced the theme with pictures of children/adults gardening together, we named things you grow in a garden and  listened to gardening songs. Art Monday- Painted with a fork by stamping on white paper and pink/yellow paint to make flowers Tuesday- We painted with twigs and orange paint to make marks all over paper Wednesday- The…

Mother’s Day

We introduced the theme with a song Called “Mother’s Day”, we talked about a special day for[ mom’s grandma’s & Aunts] what we can say to them on their special day, and the special gifts we worked on all week for them. Art Mother’s Day[grandma & Aunts] special gifts and cards all week. Math The children…

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