The young toddler room at Lakewood Child Care Center offers a flexible, creative environment for children, with open-ended opportunities for exploration and play. Children in this age group learn by doing; they need to be challenged without being frustrated or overwhelmed. Children move to the young toddler room around 14 months of age when they are walking, sitting at the table for meals, and using a spoon.

The teachers plan and implement an age-appropriate, hands-on and fun curriculum to help our little ones grow and develop mentally, emotionally, and socially. Our young toddler classroom is a busy, language-rich, and nurturing environment.

A photo of one wall of the Lakewood Child Care Center, with a sink/stove and science table.

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A boy in the Lakewood Child Care Center younger toddler classroom sits near a pile of blocks

Young Toddler Blog


This week’s theme was winter. In language development this week, we manipulated magnet letter, pointed to pictures on our winter vocab board, colored with crayons on paper, stamped letters on paper, and read various winter themed books. In cognitive development this week, we compared bowls of hot water and cold water, matched different colored mittens,…

D is for Dinosaurs

This week’s theme was dinosaurs. In language this week, we read various books about dinosaurs, colored on a “D” cutout, “drew” our own dinosaurs, manipulated foam letters, and  colored dinosaur cutouts. In cognitive development this week, we sorted dinosaur eggs by color, counted dinosaur eggs, hatched a dinosaur egg, and attached different colored clothespins onto…

All About Family

This week’s theme was families. In language development this week, we read various books surrounding families, looked at and named pictures of different family members on our family vocab board, write on a “F” cutout, traced shaped in shaving cream, colored on paper and wrote on clipboards. In cognitive development this week, we manipulated magnetic…

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