The pre-K room at Lakewood Child Care Center is a blend of older 4-year-olds and 5-year-olds who are usually moving to kindergarten the next fall.

In addition to building on the play-based curriculum of the preschool room, the pre-K classroom has readiness opportunities in literacy, math, science, social studies, health and safety, art, and music. Our classrooms use self-directed time in the day to allow children to choose their own activities to explore.

Among the readiness activities, our pre-K classroom works on alphabet and number recognition and awareness; phone number, address, and birthdate memorization; writing, visual and auditory skills; as well as concepts and word usage, such as opposite and rhyming words.

The teachers design the curriculum to spark the children’s recognition of their own achievements and promote their developing attitudes as “learners” using their curiosity, creativity, and initiative.

A Lakewood Child Care Center teacher reads to the pre-K class

Readying Our Pre-K Students for What’s Next

Tuition, Rates and Financial Aid

A Pre-K girl student at Lakewood Child Care Center working at an art easel

Pre-K Blog

Gather Around the Campfire

Let’s all gather round the campfire! This week was all about camping! All this week, the children and I discussed the rules of camping and what we should/should not bring with us camping. At science, the children did just what we discussed, they sorted objects that should go camping and objects that should not go…

Come one! Come all!

Come one! Come all! Step on up to the greatest show on Earth!! That’s right…we learned all about the circus this week. Each day during group, the children had discussions on different types of roles that are performed in the circus. We have acrobats, trapeze artists, lions with their lion tamer, elephants with their elephant…

Transportation Fun!

How do you get where you need to go? Do you take a bus or a car? Perhaps even a walk! This week the pre-k room has been exploring all the different types of mode of transportation. We started off the week by differentiating between the three major types: land,water and air and . doing…

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