The preschool room at Lakewood Child Care Center includes our 3-year-old and young 4-year-old children.

Our teachers work carefully to plan the curriculum for our preschool students, which includes a blend of hands-on, developmentally appropriate readiness activities and creative opportunities to explore. Together, these help our children build their cognitive abilities, language, and problem-solving skills. The children have daily large and small muscle activities to develop awareness and build skills. We also introduce the children to many different social and emotional concepts and help them work on problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills.

Preschool teachers emphasize the development of socialization, problem-solving, and self-help. It is a play-based, language-rich, and hands-on environment to help the boys and girls clarify concepts, ideas, and the world around them.

Helping Our Preschoolers Soar

Three Lakewood Child Care Center preschoolers watch as their teacher throws a paper airplane outdoors
Two Lakewood Child Care Center boys bring bins of blocks to a table in preschool

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Preschool Blog

Lots of Fun with Luau Week

Lots of fun Luau themed activities and experiences in the classroom this week. Monday in art the children painted handprints on a poster and in language the children engaged in a Hawaii bingo game. For a social emotional experience, the children dictated some things about themselves and drew a picture. Tuesday the children colored the…

Learning About Artists

This week we learned about famous artists in history, their work and tools and materials that are used to create all sorts of art. Monday in language the children engaged in a pre-writing activity to connect dots, in no particular order. This experience engaged their small motor skills for pincer grip and eye hand coordination. In…

Learning About Black History

This week the children have been learning about famous people in African American history such as George Washington Carver, Martin Luther King Jr; Lewis Howard Latimer and many more. Monday in art the children tore red, yellow and green paper and glued to construct a traffic light and in math the children worked with fruit…

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