Pirate Week

Pirate We introduced the theme with a song called “I want to be a Pirate”, read a story called “Dora’s Pirate Adventure”. We talked about […]

A’Hoy Matey

It’s all about the pirates week, and the children have enjoyed all the books we have read about pirates. Monday in art the children created […]

AARGGH Mateys!

Aarrgggh mateys!! Time for you to walk the plank. This week was all about pirates! We had some fun learning about what pirates do such […]

Fall Fun!

This week’s theme is Fall!  The children were asked what sort of things happen in the Fall and they responded with leaves change colors, leaves […]

We Love Fall!

We love fall! Tis that time for the weather to get cooler and that we bust out the light jackets with pants! This week was […]