We introduced the theme by holding hands at group time while sitting in a circle and listening to “Friends Forever” song from good old “Barney”.

Closed Monday


We made a “Friendship Tree” by stamping the children’s hand prints all over a big tree poster board, Friendship Chain by decorating links of paper with stickers/markers, and Friday we will decorate quilt square with hand print to add to our quilt we started during “All About Me” week.


The children practiced their colors by matching chip clips to paper hearts, All about me colored cups with small counter people to match same color cups, Learning friends color match w/ dot stickers, and Friday, color sticker matching on the wall to continue practicing color recognition and name.

Motor Development

Connecting rainbow people to work fingers/hands to snap together to make a chain of people, peel the colored tape off the table to strengthen fingers and grip, colored straws lacing w/ pipe cleaners to make a {Friendship bracelet}, and Friday stacking rings on pegs to balance and finger grasp practice.

Sensory Table

Bracelets/small people, pots and measuring 


  • “What connects to magnet horse shoe?, 
  • Make Friendship snack mix
  • Balloon Badminton

Added books

I share, Manners, Hands Are Not for Hitting and Words are Not for Hitting.

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