We introduced the theme by talking about fall, what we will begin to start seeing—leaves changes colors, falling down, cool weather—and we read two books about fall and apple pie.


The children made their own “corn” by gluing on stalk and cheerios,

Fall Wreath: We used gold plates and decorate by gluing on various colorful leaves,

Fall Tree: The children used corks to stamp on tree trunk to make their own trees,

Leaf Stamping: We used cookie cutters to stamp on paper with yellow, green, orange and red paint, and Friday the children will glue on brown paper squares to acorn shape.


We practiced counting by using apple sticks and foam blocks to make stand up and count at the same time, Acorn counting with containers with slit on lids to drop in as the children practice counting, apple seed counting-place the paper seeds on the apples and count the seeds, and Friday we will cut open a squash to explore.

Motor Development

We practiced stringing rigatoni to build and strengthen grasp, play dough with cutters and rolling pins for rolling back and forth using both or one hand, Leaf lacing with pipe cleaners to practice stinging, peel stickers on place on big tree to practice using fingers to peel stickers off, and Friday we will play Food Twister to move, balance and keep standing using whole body.

Sensory Table

Rice/noodles/fruit and veggie counters/shovels and buckets


Instead of making squash soup, the children asked to make an apple pie—so we will make apple pie on Friday. We will still explore the insides of a squash.

Food Cards– Healthy or unhealthy

Cover Your Cough– Model steps and have children practice all week

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