This week’s theme was pirates. The children enjoyed reading books about pirates and listening to pirate songs.

In language this week, we rolled a pirate cube and named the pictures on it, wrote on magnet board, colored with crayons and paper, did letter matching, and traced lines on our treasure map.

In math and science this week, we played with magnet numbers and cookie sheets, sorted coins into ice cube trays, did a sinking experiment, and placed gems on grids.

In motor development this week, we stacked wood tiles, stacked and manipulated cups, used tongs to place gems into ice cube trays, and walked the “plank.” We also hid coins outside and ran around to find them.

In art this week, we painted a treasure chest, painted a pirate telescope, decorated a pirate hat, and glued brown squares onto a pirate ship and made handprints on our pirate flag. We also added rice and treasure in our sensory table along with scoops.

Tomorrow we will write on chalkboards with chalk, match different colored pirates, play with shape sorters, and make our very own pirate.

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