This week’s theme is Halloween! The children were so excited because they wanted to share what they will be for Halloween so we talked about it. We discussed how to be safe while trick or treating, using our manners, and staying close to our mommies and daddies. The children told me how excited they are about our Halloween celebration because of the treats they will have. It will be so exciting! Thank you to our PreK 2 parents for their contribution and it is appreciated! 

We have been working on number recognition, letter recognition, and sight word recognition, We practiced writing Hh, 7 seven, and sight words. We learned how to count by 2’s and we learned what numbers are even/odd. We made a list of Hh words and it was a big list! I was impressed by how many words the children knew. We played a Halloween Bingo game, Spider Web letter match, and we practiced writing Halloween words.

We did a Creepy Crawler math game where they had to do patterning, count the number of spiders and find the number card, learning to count using their fingers, figuring out what number comes next, and verbally counting as high as they could. I have been using the 100 Days of School chart to help them with their number recognition. I also did some simple addition with the children this week. 

The children have been working on their fine motor skills by cutting paper, zipping up their jackets, using tweezers to lift small items, etc I carved the top of the pumpkin so that they can look and feel inside the pumpkin. They also made a Haunted House, Mummy, and candy corn in Art. It was a fun week because they seemed to love this theme. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

-Ms. Michelle

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