This week’s theme is Halloween and the children couldn’t have been more excited for it!

We read various Halloween themed books to work on our language skills, as well as drawing on paper with crayons, playing “Skeleton Says,” reading along to “5 Little Pumpkins,” putting words onto felt boards, and letter blocks.

We got into the Halloween spirit in math by placing insect counters into tins, as well as playing with math tiles and counting little pumpkins. We continued with our Halloween spirit as we worked on our motor development by dancing to Monster Mash, as well as playing with waffle blocks and puzzles. In art this week, we sponge painted, painted mini pumpkins, glued cotton balls onto ghost cutouts, and made handprint spiders.

Tomorrow we will continue to read Halloween books and play with magnet letters and cookie sheets in language. We will play with math tiles for cognition development. For motor development we will play with Lego blocks and dress up and march around the room in our trick or treat parade. In art we will create a pumpkin lantern. We will also be carving a pumpkin!

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