This week’s theme is Numbers and we have been working very hard on number recognition by practice writing numbers, verbally recognizing numbers that I point to, etc. We played Less Than, Greater Than game, match the numbers cards to the numbers on the number line, find the missing numbers, and verbally counting as high as we can. 

We practiced writing the names of number words, matched the number words to the numbers, practice writing the letter Gg, retell Five Little Pumpkins in our own words by drawing a picture and verbally telling the story. We talked about where we can find pumpkins and how we would pick out the pumpkin we think is the best. 

In Art, the children were given a number and the name of the number to write down on cut up paper and glue them onto the black construction paper. This activity helps the children not only recognize the number, the name of the number, but they get to practice writing the number over and over. This is a great way to help recognize the number and its name while doing something fun. We also made big pumpkins for our window. Its sort of like the 5 Little Pumpkins finger play that we all know and love. We did One Hundred Angry Ants Art project that is based of the book that I read during circle time. 

Our theme for next week is Halloween.

Please make sure your child has warm clothes in their cubbies in case of accidents and they have warm outerwear such as winter jacket, gloves, hat, and or scarf to keep them warm while playing outside. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

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