This week is Black History week where the children learned about different important people such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Garrett Morgan, Ruby Bridges, and Jackie Robinson and the impact they made.  They learned why these people are so important and how they paved the way for others.  They learned that not everyone was treated the same and others were unkind to them.  We talked about how we would feel if someone was unkind to us.

They listened to a speech that Dr. King gave and we talked about the speech in terms they can understand.  We learned new words associated with Black History such as unity, freedom, peace, and hope to name a few.  They practiced writing the names of famous people using letter tiles, they looked for words around the classroom, practiced writing Rr, and we made a Rr lists of words.  They recalled and dictated what I had read throughout the week.  I felt it was important for them to remember some parts of the stories of these famous people.

They did a number memory game going up to 20, made shapes with rubber bands on the geoboards, sorted baseballs by size, and had to dictate which balls are the same or different.  They practiced writing 17 seventeen. and they did a counting activity where they had to count out the number of objects and find the number tile associated with the number.  

We did a “I had a dream” art project where they drew a picture of Dr. King giving a speech while using the book, “I Had a Dream” by Kadir Nelson, traffic light  art project where they cut, pasted, and wrote stop, slow, and go on the circles, and they did a Jackie Robinson art project.  

It was a fun and informative week and I hope they enjoyed learning about the different people, how they made a difference, and what they were famous for.  I told the children as they get older, they will learn more things about Black History and to be kind to everyone because we may not look the same but we are the same on the inside.  We all have hearts and our hearts can get broken if someone says mean things to us.  

Next week’s theme is: Artists.  Don’t forget to sign up for the Vision Screening!  Forms are out in the lobby. 

If there’s any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

-Ms. Michelle

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