We introduced each Author by name, their book and briefly described what they do. I showed the children the book they wrote and explained that their words in the book were their ideas and what they want to say. We posted a picture of the Author , a picture of their book and read the book at group time.


The Napping House- The children glued foam shape pieces onto colored shape paper houses

Pete The Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons- The children glued on four groovy real buttons on yellow paper shirt

Brown, Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?- Koosh ring painting with brown paint on bear shape

If You Give a Dog a Donut- The children frosted a paper Donut and sprinkled real sprinkles on top

Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus- we will glue various materials to resemble a Pigeon


Number mini puzzles to practice naming and recognize numbers children may know, We practice sorting buttons by shape and color on Bingo grid, the children organized bear counters by size{small, medium and large} and by colors{ red, green, yellow and blue], The children stacked colored donut rings by size, same color and smallest to largest and Friday, lady bug number pegs to find the right fit.

Motor Development

The children used colored Pom-poms to drop into large plastic juice jugs to fill, dump and problem-solve, we worked with large colored lacing buttons and shoe strings to practice lacing, the children manipulated bear craft sticks in foam blocks to make stand{blocks were hard to make activity challenging} , we practiced lacing with animal donut rings and lacing string to manipulate both hands at the same time and Friday, we will manipulate fruit bowls/fruit counters and scoops.

Sensory Table

Colored water, ladles, fruit cubes/fruit counters- different color water each day.


Bear Toss in great room

Donut ring toss

Friday we will make Donuts

Friday we will make Pete The Cat graham cracker snack

Health & Wellness

Shaped Food Scavenger Hunt

Healthy Land activity


Toys are not for throwing- review

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