Superhero Week

We introduced the theme with short 1-2 minute videos of various superheroes singing, we named the superheroes on the word wall and briefly described how they help people.


Tuesday-Superhero cuffs- The children glued on lightening boltz and glitter on blue strips of paper

Wednesday- Wonder Woman cape/crown- We glued on foam pieces and pom-poms on crown and roller painted stars on crown with pink paint and and added purple flitter.

Thursday- Spiderman hand prints with red paint on paper and glued on black yarn for webs

Friday- We will make Captain America shield by painting re/or blue shield and add white stars


Counting colored bears sorters and sort by size, number bubble gum machine-count the bubble gum balls by placing colored chip on top, color matching shape grid with same color shapes/colors and Friday we will work on putting together foam number puzzles.

Motor Development

The children practiced and strengthen their fine motor skills by stretching rubber bands over cans, the children practiced their writing by using our new dash board writing pads with a pen to make marks, scribbles, lines and shapes, stringing the stars using jumbo clips, paper stars and string to practice opening closing motions, and Friday the children will continue to practice using scissors with paper and scissor magnet guide to help hold the paper while making slits/ or cutting around the paper magnet shape.

Sensory Table

Green sand, letter erasers, buckets and scoops


Walk the zig zag line on the floor

Blow up Balloon experiment

Superheroes Listen and move- fly, make a web, stomp, spin, and walk backwards

Health & Wellness

Ways we use water

Different water sources

Sample water with real fruit oranges/lemons

Make fruit Kabobs 

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