This week’s theme was summer. In language development this week, we read various books about summer and summer activities, we colored on the letter S, wrote on chalkboards with chalk, stamped letters on paper, and wrote on our new boogie boards (which the children loved). In cognitive development this week, we made ice paint, counted insect counters, played with large domino pieces, and manipulated math tiles. In motor development this week, we stuck straws into cups, did an obstacle course ion the classroom, laced beads, and stacked pool noodles. In art this week, we painted our names, painted with our ice paint, and painted with spray bottles. We also played with pool noodles and sand in our sensory table and blew bubbles and went over pool safety rules. Tomorrow we will color on paper with crayons for language development, make popsicles for cognitive development, have a Velcro picnic for motor development, and paint a table cloth for art.   

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