We introduced the theme with Halloween songs, naming costumes and word wall board with pictures.


Monday- Witches brew pot-painted pot green and sprinkled glitter

Tuesday- Trick-or-Treating


Thursday- Candy Corn- glued orange/yellow tissue paper on white paper

Friday-Skeleton- glue on Q-tips


The children explored with and manipulated all the following materials to practice counting, matching and  one-to-one. Witch baskets with eyes balls, counting candy corn with small witch pots and tongs, pumpkin number grid boards for matching and counting. 

Motor Development

The children manipulated and worked their fingers/hands and arms to practice how to make things work, fit and stand. Halloween cups w/ pumpkin straws, Halloween stickers w/ black poster board, Halloween pencils and ghost cups to make stand w/out tipping over, witches broom sticks and foam blocks, and Friday, Halloween treat bags with wrapped candy to pull string open and tighten strings to close.

Sensory Table

Orange rice, pumpkin buckets, spiders and mummy pails


Pumpkin Balloons, pumpkin bean bag toss, mummy bowling, witch hat ring toss, ball toss with pumpkin buckets, Ring around the ghost

We made green witches brew punch

Colors of my plate, my plate puzzle[name food groups] 

Friday- cut open and explore pumpkin inside

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