This week’s theme was colors and shapes and the young toddlers enjoyed it so much!

In language this week we colored on different shapes (red circles, orange rectangles, yellow triangles, and green squares) with crayons, markers, and colored pencils. We also read a lot of shape and color books.

In math and science this week we did various shape puzzles, matched shape cutouts to their outlines, sorted Legos onto color mats, and mixed primary colors in Ziploc bags to create new colors!

In motor development this week, we manipulated rainbow caterpillar gears, played with sensory bead shapes, placed yellow triangle tissue paper onto contact paper, and built with bristle blocks.

In art we used cups to stamp red circles onto paper, painted a large rectangular box with red, yellow, and orang paint, glued yellow triangles onto paper, and used stamped bristle cubes into green paint to paint our papers. We also played with colorful airsoft balls in our sensory table, played with the parachute outside, took turns rolling a shape dice and naming the colors and shapes, and used paper plates to hit balloons.

Tomorrow we will color on blue star shaped paper, sort through shapes to find the odd one out, hop onto different colors and shapes, and use blue finger paint to paint on stars.

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