While it has been a short week, it has definitely been a week full of fun and discovery!

This week’s theme is “Friends” and that has been emphasized throughout the week – from group projects to safe hands, to puppets and books, this week has been all about interactions with others in the room.

They practiced stacking rings on a post, made music with upside coffee cans, dropped pom poms into juice bottles, and crawled across music mats. Art times had them practicing up and down motions with stamps and scribbling with crayons.

The smaller babies have been looking for “hidden” toys under a cloth to help with object permanence and watching Old MacDonald puppets sings songs and tell stories. Our books have been centered around friends and family, while all of them have been enjoying the textured, cloth ones out for them to explore on their own.

It has been a fun week of discovering each other and next week we move onto colors and shapes! 

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