This week we have been learning about the rainforest and how important it is to keep our safe from people who do not help take care of it. We learned about the different layers of the rainforest: forest floor, understory, canopy, and emergent. We learned about where the animals live in the rainforest and that plants grow in the canopy because they can get sunlight. We practiced writing different rainforest words, used letter magnets to spell the words, Rainforest Match game, Rainforest Bingo, and we used word cards that had different rainforest animals and looked for them in the books. 

We worked on puzzles: some easy and some challenging ones that had over 25 pieces. The children works in pairs or individually on these puzzles. Its a great way for them to learn how to work together or to challenge themselves. We played Monkeys Go Bananas! math game, Count the Frogs game, sorted the frogs by size small and big. animal dominos, and put numbers in order from 0-10 or 0-20. We used the wood shape blocks to build, count, and make shapes. The children were able to make simple creations to complex creations. I wanted to challenge them to think outside the box. They made some amazing things such as train tracks to a house.

We listened to sounds of the rainforest and tried to guess what we were hearing. We experimented with touch by feeling different fruits and verbally stating what they feel like. It’s been a very busy week for our PreK class and I hope they learned a lot about our rainforest and why its important for us to keep it healthy by not tearing it down.

Our next theme is Friends.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

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