This week’s theme was “Back to School.”

In language this week, we read various books relating to the theme. We colored the letter A, wrote on chalkboards with chalk, played with magnetic letters, wrote with pencils in notebooks, and did a group drawing.

In math and science this week, we matched different colored apples, sorted school supplies, drove cars into parking spots on the table, and made a cornstarch goop. In motor development this week, we filled bags with different items, strung beads on shoelaces, put clothes on a person cutout, and sorted buttons into ice cube trays.

In art this week, we started a paper Mache apple, glued macaroni onto a pencil, painted and used popsicle sticks to make picture frames, and decorated “lunchboxes.” We also worked in pairs to build block structures and played find the baby in the classroom.

Tomorrow we will listen to back to school songs, color on paper with crayons, match different shapes and do shape puzzles, manipulate peg boards and paint our paper Mache apple.

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