We introduced the theme of the week with a book called “Boomer Goes To School” named all the school materials posted on the Word Wall, what they are for, and how we use them.


The children made a School bus by gluing on wheels and stop sign, Jumbo pencil- the children glued on pencil tip and erasers to make pencil, Apples- painted paper plates red and added green stem top, Cork stamping with fall colors to make a tree, and Friday we will stamp with real apples.


Number apple craft sticks and play dough for counting and number recognition, Crayon counting- the children explored with crayon packs of 24 to dump and fill their box by counting as high as they can, ball towers to practice balancing, patterns, and stack by size, the children practiced counting with school pencils and containers-most of the children were able to count up to 13, and Friday we will discover parts of an apple{skin, flesh, stem, and leaf by cutting open.

Motor Development

School zipper pouches with paper school materials to practice zipping/unzipping and putting all the materials inside- practice finger grip/grasp. Pool noodles/tongs and pom poms to balance on top/working tongs open close squeeze motion, Geo boards- the children used rubber bands to stretch and place around Geo bards using fingers/hands and arm strength, we practice stringing with various size beads with shoe strings which challenged the children to try, and Friday we will do Animal Yoga outside to move in different directions and practice balance.


  • Apple jacks/buckets/shovels
  • Review classroom rules and introduce “Helping Hands”
  • Friday- make Healthy Trail Mix

Social Emotional/Science

Apple experiment- What keeps an apple from turning brown?

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