This week was all about shape and colors.

Monday in art the children painted with loofah’s and in math the children engaged in a shape bingo activity.

Tuesday in art the children created a shape collage, gluing various shapes to paper. In language the children practiced tracing shapes, a good practice for pincer grip with a writing tool. In math the children created patterns with shape stringing beads.

Wednesday in art the children painted with shape stamper’s and in math they sorted shapes and counted which was more or less. The language activity was done as a large group at group time where the teacher described an object in the room of it’s shape and color and the children needed to find or guess what it was. This experience was a bit of a challenge, so we modified the activity to a simple eye spy game to name colored items matching the color spied.

Today the children wanted to color so we made that our art for the day. The children also explored oatmeal, a good sensory exploration. In language the children matched color words together and we incorporated some math to identify how many e’s they saw in all the words, or b’s, and o’s and so on.

Tomorrow in art the children will work with marshmallows and sugar cubes to create some fun 3D structures. In language the children will help create a list of foods that are red, orange, yellow, green, and purple. In math the children will sort shapes by size. In the sensory table this week the children explored water with bowls, small colanders and small cups.

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